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The purpose of drinking a green drink is to give the body nutrient-rich ingredients that will help maintain a better pH balance in the body.

It comes in a powder and can be mixed with either water, juice, or other types of healthy beverage, in order to consume it and reap the benefits.

Although the taste is not the best, there are also some recipes that have been made for green drinks in order to reap all the benefits without having to force it down.

Green Drink Benefits

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**Strengthening the immune system –** The amount of nutrients contained in green drinks is very high. That is a green drink benefit because it will strengthen the immune system. The antioxidants contained in greens are known to prevent cancer and other illnesses. This means that it will also be easier for the body to fight the common flu and cold.

**Digestion –** The ingredients in green drinks will help the body digest the food easier as well as help the body get rid of waste in a healthy way. The green drink acts as detoxification and cleansing for the body.

**Increasing energy –** Drinking green drink also provides more energy and the body is getting all of the nutrients it needs.

**Oxygenating the blood –** Another green drink benefit is that it contains chlorophyll which will help the red blood cell and hemoglobin; as well as help the blood transport more oxygen; this gets rid of toxins and helps the heart work better.

**Supports the muscles –** The proteins contained in green drinks are easily absorbed by the body and some greens contain a lot of protein which will aid the body in building more muscle mass.

**Convenience –** The reality is that most people live busy lives and do not have time to eat all the greens they would need in a day. The convenience of drinking it is another green drink benefit as it is quick and easy. It is also very convenient when traveling or at work.

**Safe for kids –** A lot of supplements may not be safe for kids, but one of the green drink benefits is that it is completely safe for kids. It may be easier to get kids to eat the greens they need by mixing it up in a smoothie of some sort.

**No side effects –** Another green drink benefit is that they have virtually no side effects other than possible diarrhea or weakness in the beginning because of the cleansing process; however, these quickly go away. Other than this no side effects have been reported by such green drinks as Green Vibrance.

**Green Drink Suggestion**

One green drink that has all the healthy greens (64 different beneficial ingredients) is **Green Vibrance**. It contains all-natural and organic ingredients from the superfoods group which is a group of essential foods that are highly nutritious.  **Green Vibrance**, compared to other types of green drinks, has a very high nutrient density; this is very important when it comes to choosing the green drink with the most benefits.